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Dave Sasson
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Internal Software Supply Chain
Dave Sasson   5/25/2011 7:22:18 PM

Hi Andy, thanks for the post.  All the points you mentioned are important. I also believe that there are a lot more collaboration tools and platforms available today than years ago, which makes the software supply chain function more cohesively in team environments.   

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Re: Internal Software Supply Chain
pocharle   5/25/2011 8:30:04 PM


This is true. THe only barrier afterwards is to get everyone on board to use it efficiently. That's the majo roadblock I've come across.

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jbond   5/26/2011 7:55:03 AM

This sounds like an excellent set up. This is designed almost like checks and balances set up. Would work great if you can get everybody to cooperate and work in a timely matter. I am curious as to why more companies haven't adopted a plan like this a long time ago? It would seem like if this was in place, many companies could have avoided cost over runs and major delays in implementation.

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Software supply chains
Hardcore   5/27/2011 7:19:04 AM

Hi Andy,

The points you make are certainly form a good basis for software development, one other major area is code integrity, this is also an issue that has come to a head in a number of other open source  developments.

By integrity I mean  code purity, copyright and indemnity against copyright, this is the current basis of the lawsuit between Oracle and Google, Oracle claims that Google misappropriated section of code belonging to Oracle(sun).

It has also been an issue in some parts of Linux, where code was utilized but was not free from copyright of a third party. 

Such control is far harder to control than the other points you listed, mainly because the  points outlined by youself , tend to fit nicely within a framework that can be  audited.

For example in China it is very common for people working on a code base to take it with them when they move to another company, and indeed such code is freely available on the market.

One of the hardest tasks for a software development manager is to secure the computing equipment used by programmers whilst they are developing software, even  cutting external network access is no longer a guarantee that a companies intellectual property will find is way out of a companies software development area and into the public domain.




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Re: Software supply chains
TaimoorZ   5/30/2011 9:59:43 AM

I think code integration is one of the most difficult aspect of software development and one of the major reasons why a lot of software projects fail is because of poor integration, despite the fact that individual components may be of high quality.

From what I have seen, a lot of code integration problems arise because, as you said, there is a lack of predefined framework and agreed upon methodologies. In cases where software components will be distributed across multiple teams, the foremost requirement is to establish a common platform and standard and communicate it effectively amongst the teams. Also, any updates on the framework should be rolled out to the teams.

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