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Douglas Alexander
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Re: Selecting components
Douglas Alexander   6/13/2012 8:04:35 PM


The main procedures for alternate part sourcing happen when a new part is selected for a design. The Component Engineer or Design Engineer should only design with a component that has more than one manufacturer. However, there are so many unique designs now, mostly semiconductor with high number of pin-outs and packages, that sometimes there is only one manufacturer that makes the identical part. The Design Engineer should try to accomplish the same circuit function with multiple source components, but if he or she cannot, then the part remains on the AVL as a single source. The Department of Defense has problems not so much with alternate sourcing, but with counterfeits. They believe they are buying the correct parts, single sourced or not, but somehow the fraudulent or counterfeit parts were infiltrated into their supply chain. There should be incoming inspections, either internally or by a second party guaranteeing that the parts ordered were the parts received. It is not enough to check certificates of conformity because these documents are being counterfeited as well. If the ten procedures I write about are performed during an alternate part's qualification, then there should be no problem using the approved part....if someone hasn't made that particular manufacturer's part number a target for their counterfeit operations.

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Selecting components
Jacob   6/13/2012 7:20:03 AM
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Douglas, good analysis and guidelines, If we are able to follow then fine. We had read many articles about selection of components and how to avoid counterfeit components. But recently I had read about inclusion of counterfeit components in US defence labs. How it had happened? If they are strictly following the scrutiny for components, it won't happen. Am I right? this means thief is always in the floating ship.

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An accurate roadmap regading alternate parts
Brian75137   6/12/2012 9:11:25 PM


Once again, you have hit the nail squarely on the head.  If all purchasiing folks would follow this wonderful and accuarte roadmap, the surprises which occur during the normal procurement and manufacturing processes would be seriously diminshed  Kudos to you for setting out this timely and excellent article.


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