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black market economy
mr_bandit   5/7/2013 4:18:31 PM

A black market exists because something is illegal. The Drug War (well, in the USA, it's really a police action) has enough money because of the demand to pull in brutal players. This is nothing more than a Darwinian process.

What will get rid of it? Stop the Drug war. However, the police derive too much cash (forfeiture and grants) and power to want it to end. Plus, the private prison industry has "beds" that must be full to make money. (One has to ask that if a country has to resort to private prisons, shouldn't the country look at the laws that are putting non-violent people, some with medical conditions like addiction?)

We should also be asking if it is too late to stop these gangs. Once they are formed for drug smuggling, they get into real crime - murder, kidnapping, extortion, corrupting police and government. But - a large chunk of their income can be cut off by getting rid of the root cause - drug prohibition. See the folks at LEAP.cc - drug cops who recognize the current methods are not working.

Oh, yeah - we are missing out on the taxes a legal recreational drug, like alcohol, will bring in. And pot (one of the illegal drugs) is much *less* harmless than the legal ones. Not *one* death is from pot (cancer, overdose), other than gangs and cops shooting people; all due to the prohibition.

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Re: Moving military and space parts to Iran, North Korea and others
Ariella   5/3/2013 8:38:09 AM

@_hm that's a good question. I recently heard that the illegal economies amount to billions in the US alone, so people seem to have an idea of its scale, though they still have not seen how to keep it from flourishing. 

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Moving military and space parts to Iran, North Korea and others
_hm   5/2/2013 7:04:28 PM

There is similarity in moving military and space electronics and other parts to countries like Iran, North Korea.

There you can command better profit margin. Many supply chain may be part of it, knowingly or otherwise. How one can prevent this?


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