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Domain-specific app for visibility
gary.meyers   5/13/2013 10:28:22 PM

We're finding just the sort of "pain" you describe in your article in our work with supply chain business managers in manufacturing firms using on-premise ERP systems like SAP.  We had one customer tell us that it took them nearly a year to develop a single On Time In Full (OTIF) KPI.  This is a big problem.  As Gartner famously said a couple of years ago, 70-80% of BI projects fail.  

Rather than spending months or years using do-it-yourself BI tools, many companies are now discovering the benefits of a purpose-built supply chain application.  Using cloud-based Big Data technology, combined with best practice pre-built supply chain analytics, they solve the visiblity challenge in days, and enable their business users with tremendous self-service capabiility.

As your article says, "While this may look like a hard to manage and even harder to do kind of list, some fo the tools and data may already be in your system.  They just may not be used in the right combination."  Indeed, the data is already in the system, but there's a reason this critical visiblity has not been available in the past - the job was just too hard (or too costly) with the tools at hand.  New capabilities provided by the cloud, Big Data, and domain-specific applications are finally making Supply-Chain Visibility Visible, and smart manufacturing firms are leveraging it for their competitive advantage.

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Re: visibility
t.alex   5/13/2013 11:24:00 AM

It is an interesting analogy to compare with steering a ship through fog. Really, we need advanced technology and systems to see through all of this. 

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big data
FLYINGSCOT   5/8/2013 5:42:55 PM

It is a real skill managing the big data that companies generate,  Those that can master it are successful and this is often made a lot easier by havig the correct tools like SAP etc.

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Ariella   5/7/2013 2:21:56 PM

@Jennifer I like the way he put it: "Trying to manage your complex, supply chain network without supply chain visibility is like trying to steer a ship in the fog. You don't see the rocks until you're on top of them, and when you do see them, it may be too late to save the ship or your bottom line."  Timing is everything, and hindsight visibility doesn't help you as much as seeing where you're going before you get there.

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