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Mr. Roques
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Re: Did Japan Tsunamis, Thailand Flood Lessons Sink In?
Mr. Roques   5/16/2013 11:41:05 AM

How are they mitigating risk? Are they building better and safer buildings, are they diversifying in different countries, or what are they doing?

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Did Japan Tsunamis, Thailand Flood Lessons Sink In?
garyk   5/15/2013 6:52:05 PM

Maybe, Maybe NOT ----- Don't put all your EGGS in one basket! Don't put all your Manufacturing or Assembly in one country or in one reign of the world. Don't have one country control or own all the Manufacturing or Assembly Lines

Lets think about this, how do you plan for Tsunamis, Floods or Earth Quake an event that destroys every thing? The company must totally start all over again!!!!

You can have a plan to satisfy customers and vendors, the plan could take years. Considering every thing Japan and Thailand did a very good job replacing there manufacturing, we can learn from what did or didn't do correctly.

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time heals
FLYINGSCOT   5/15/2013 11:29:09 AM

I think you are correct and companies are probably getting a bit complacent again.  Most companies I deal with are looking at second sources for critical suppliers more seriously but I do not see a huge deal different from pre tsunami activity.

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Analogous to ccommon man preparation for earthquake
_hm   5/14/2013 6:19:38 PM

This is analogous to common people's preparation for earthquake preparation in earthquake prone region.

It is good to take corrective action for natural disaster, however, it costs lots of money. Who will pay for this additional expenses? One alternate is end user should stock part of his interest.


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Re : Did Japan Tsunamis, Thailand Floods Lessons Sink in?
tirlapur   5/14/2013 3:24:51 AM

purchasers are more likely to be able to convince a CFO that they need to put aside safety stock or line up alternative suppliers

@Tam, thanks for the post. I totally agree with Ferrari's opinion that purchasers are more likely to be able to convince a CFO to line up alternative suppliers. I think its always good to have backup alternative-suppliers so that supply chain doesnt get affected. It would be even better if the alternative-suppliers are from different geographical location.

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