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How Employee Monitoring Helps to Increase Productivity and What's Its Advantage's?
EmployeeTrail   2/18/2019 12:34:23 AM

Productivity is the key to success, and using this trick wisely means climbing the ladder of success higher and higher. Businesses and companies are on a constant hunt to find different ways to increase productivity. One such a method, recently discovered, is employee monitoring.

A psychology study, famously known as the Hawthorne effect, states that people tend to change their behavior like performing better and working harder when they are being observed. This theory stays true whether you are at school, home, public place, or office. This is the basic principle on which employee monitoring Software works.

What Exactly is Employee Monitoring?

The name gives it all. It literally means to monitor employees' activities and their whereabouts. It includes monitoring methods like keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS tracking, internet monitoring, offline computer monitor and many other different means to track employee performance that leads to productivity.

There are different employee monitoring systems like –

1.  Internet Usage – This type mainly helps the employer to control the use of the internet, including a tab on the links your team member or the freelancers can access.

2.  Email – Keeping track of the emails your employees send or receive can be beneficial, and helps in anticipating problems before they knock on the door.

3.  Phone – The calls may be recorded, mostly for quality purposes or understanding the data one shares.

4.  Voicemail – It is one of the dying assets, but still it can be helpful at times.

5.  Location – Tracking location by smartphones or vehicles seems useful in field work.

6.  Other – There are many more things that can be included like sleep, nutritional choices, exercise, etc.

How does will Employee Monitoring help?

A recent study conducted revealed that most of the employees' access Internet during office hours and spend time on social media or doing online shopping, which has nothing to do with work. This directly affects productivity and leads to the loss of the company. In such cases, even a minor factor can affect the company hugely. Employee monitoring avoids all such incidences and helps in increasing productivity.

·    Less wastage of time

Time is equal to money. Every minute that employees spend doing something else other than the office work will cost you the business money. Using the website tracking software, you can avoid this. The methods like internet monitoring are of great importance to avoid misuse of the internet during working hours.

·    Minimal Errors

This method helps in minimizing errors as the employees won't be distracted. The distractions such as social media and online shops for personal use will be eliminated; thus, helping the employees focus more on the assignments and workloads. Employee monitoring also helps you check what the person is working on and noticing mistakes before it creates a big problem. For an example, if he has started working on a low-priority project, you can simply shoot an email to the employee for asking to work to work on Project X instead of Project Y.

·    No Security Threat

Employee monitoring gives you complete control of what type of information the employees can assess. It also lets you monitor the data the employee can share or use. This eventually eliminates the chances of a security threat. Not only this, but employee monitoring also helps with the safety of your employees at times, especially in field jobs. For example, if someone is supposed to reach a certain place and no has heard from that person, then GPS monitoring can help with understanding the location.

·    Performance Review

Monitoring helps in enhancing the performance and efficiency of employees. This method assists employers to review working hours each day, and subsequently make necessary changes to increase the productivity of the team. The best part is that even employees can review their own performance report and get a motivation to work harder in lieu of competition with colleagues. Moreover, a feeling of being reviewed by a senior automatically makes the employee work harder and better in every term.

Employee Monitoring is mostly considered a plan for the benefit of employers and not employees. But it is a wrong statement, even the employees can be benefited from the introduction of computer monitoring software in the business. Here are some of the ways how employee monitoring helps the employee and thus, helps to increase productivity.

·   Employees Can Evaluate Productivity

The best motivation for an employee is their own productivity reports. The employees can analyze, record and evaluate this information and check what they are most productive at or what time. For examples, some people are at their best in the morning and some at day end. They can use this data to manage the work accordingly by doing important tasks at the most productive hour.

·   Flexible Working Environment

A recent study states that people are more productive at flexible timings or environment, and employee monitoring makes it possible. The employees can also work from home at times as the remote PC monitoring software records all the insights. This avoids the commute time and helps in increasing productivity by leaps and bounds.

·   Avoid Fines or Imprisonment

It is human tendency to commit some stupid offense without even realizing it. Employees can also commit the mistake of neglecting data security concerns by simply clicking on a malicious email link. The businesses are strict when it comes to sharing the data. This is where employee monitoring comes to the rescue. With the spyware for computer monitoring software regulating the access of data, it is safe for the employees to commit such mistakes. This helps the employer as well as employee all the troubles of legal consequences.

·   Helpful During Annual Raise

A monitoring system can help the employee by actually showing the employer their performance and presenting their case of annual salary raise. If used in a proper way, you can show your increase in productivity each year supporting your plea of salary raise. And all this with just opting for the free computer monitoring software.

Employee monitoring has many other benefits that directly leads the business to success. It also helps employers with the data they need to improve their working plans and conditions. Therefore, employee monitoring has become one of the most useful assets for increasing productivity.

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