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Microsoft Beat its Kinect Sales Forecast by a Wide Margin in 2010

EL SEGUNDO, CA — With help from heavy marketing investment, differentiated technology and a willing user base, Microsoft Corp. surpassed its Kinect sales expectations for 2010 and also outperformed its cheaper rival, Sony's PlayStation Move. Microsoft initially had provided a conservative worldwide sell-in forecast of 5 million Kinect units. As it turned out, Microsoft beat that by a large margin, managing a retail channel sell-in of 8 million units by January 4, 2011. Actual worldwide Kinect device sell-through to consumers hit 6.36 million at the end of 2010.

In comparison, Sony posted sell-through figures of 5.23 million Move controllers by the end of 2010 in three types: standalone, starter kit—including camera—and as part of a console bundle. IHS estimates the sell-through enabled 4.26 million PS3s to play Move content on a worldwide basis, as more than one Move controller can be used by a single console. Sony's marketing investment in Move was dwarfed by Microsoft’s. And although the cheapest standalone Move controller was $100 lower than Kinect, Sony’s marketing investment showed in sales. Move went on sale more than a month earlier than Kinect.

Territory-specific performance for Kinect and Move, alongside five-year forecasts for the technology, can be found at:

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1 comment on “Microsoft Beat its Kinect Sales Forecast by a Wide Margin in 2010

  1. Jay_Bond
    March 5, 2011

    Even though both companies spent millions on advertising, ultimately the sales reflect the more user friendly choice. Nintendo has held the market for years with the Wii. Sony has a huge following and according to some people a better platform and games. Where Microsoft did things right was allow for user response without relying on a remote. With Microsoft having a cheaper version of Xbox combined with Kinect, they will see more console sales just to use the Kinect system.

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