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Mobility & the Modern Distribution Manager

Atlanta (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — How mobile are managers in today's warehouse environment, and what capabilities do managers need most?

Manhattan Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq:MANH) Senior Director Peter Schnorbach will answer these questions and more when he unveils key insights from the company's Warehouse Mobility Study at the highly anticipated Momentum 2015 Power Session “Distribution Managers: Ditch the Desktop and Go Mobile” on Monday, May 18.

Momentum attendees will also have the opportunity to see first-hand the innovative capabilities of Manhattan's Mobile Distribution Management solution–the market's first and only application that provides distribution managers with unmatched insight into labor, employee activities, waves and tasks – all on a mobile device.

“Giving warehouse managers the capability to dynamically allocate work in progress, reprioritize or assign tasks and put assignments on hold directly from the distribution center floor has, up until this point, not been available,” said Schnorbach.

“Our mobile application is the result of listening to our customers closely, and designing a solution that enables real time execution of labor and work in distribution operations through a mobile device.”

An annual conference attended by Manhattan Associates customers from around the globe, Manhattan's Momentum provides supply chain management and logistics professionals with the training, information on industry trends and exclusive networking opportunities they need to stay at the leading edge of best practices. The conference features more than 100 learning sessions, world-renowned speakers and an interactive discovery center.

Registration for Momentum 2015 is open through May 16.

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