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ModusLink Continues Digital Commerce Momentum with Outstanding Return Management Services

WALTHAM, Mass. – ModusLink Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ModusLink Global Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK), a leading global provider of digital and physical supply chain solutions, has been seeing growth and momentum through its digital commerce sector, and recently has been seeing increased success in its return management services. This focus on returns is part of ModusLink’s broader offerings that create efficiencies and streamlined solutions for customers.

Returning items can often be a major pain point for consumers, leading them to take their business elsewhere. Customers want the process to be easy and expect to have the ability to start a return online, print a return label, drop the package off at a shipping location and receive their credit via the original payment. Companies expect returns to match up against the original order, capture data related to that order, process the appropriate credit and find a way to utilize the returned product in a way that will recover cost. This is especially stressful during the months following the busy holiday shopping season.

ModusLink has prioritized the customer experience in this traditionally impersonal aspect of business, adding value by reducing the percentage of returned orders up front and, if product is returned, reworking or testing the product to be used as b-stock. Providing brands with the one place to handle all parts of an otherwise messy process is greatly beneficial. Key value adds to this system are: 

  • Reverse Logistics  – ModusLink manages customer collections; swaps and advance replacements; facilitates returns and reporting; manages returns expectations; and links to financial transactions as required.
  • Triage Services  – ModusLink determines the best disposition method upon receipt, either sending the product back to forward inventory, or on to be repaired, refurbished, dispositioned, recycled or liquidated.
  • Online Returns  – ModusLink offers scalable e-commerce solutions for online returns and provides customers with a multilingual website for processing and tracking.
  • Integrated Returns, Repair and Recovery Services  – ModusLink provides a turnkey post-sale solution that integrates returns, decades of consumer electronics repair experience and value recovery.
  • Customer Care  – ModusLink’s Contact Center Solution provides real-time support and troubleshooting.
  • Service Parts Management  – ModusLink combines reverse logistics, triage repair and fulfillment services in order to provide its clients with performance combined with an efficient operational cost.

“With our integrated offerings, ModusLink has successfully assisted customers through all parts of their operations,” said Michel da Silva, General Manager of eBusiness at ModusLink. “We consider returns management a key element of our partnerships to be able to contribute to regeneration of revenue at such a scale.”

More information about ModusLink’s Reverse Logistics and Returns Management offering is available at To learn more about how ModusLink has improved demand forecast accuracy and improved efficiencies in supply chain-related processes by approximately 15 percent, download ModusLink’s case study: Reverse Logistics Savings Begin with Demand Planning .

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