ModusLink Releases Integrated Data Warehouse Platform

Yesterday, ModusLink announced its new Data Warehouse offering to help organizations build a direct to consumer channel. The integrated platform enables manufacturers selling through e-commerce sites and digital marketplaces to make data-driven decision making based on a 365-degree view of the customer. It brings together information from a variety of business apps to help them successfully deliver products worldwide.   

“We are concentrating on brands that are going global, that are in the second or third wave of going digital,” Michel da Silva, general manager of eBusiness at ModusLink told EBN in an interview. “We’ve seen a big trend of traditional retailers changing into marketplaces, and we expect that direct to consumer selling will be crucial for a lot of brands.”

Getting products to customers worldwide is a complex task that requires a variety of tasks from implementing a digital system that delivers a good customer experience to creating and supporting a supply chain. “In the past two years, many organizations have put in digital systems, but it’s not been a full end to end solution,” said da Silva. “That’s what we’ve been building. We have focused on flow and customer acquisition.”

A strong digital customer brings customers to the web site, allows them to easily buy products, and builds customer loyalty. “You have to have a workflow that makes sure customers are sticky and stay on the path so that you have loyal customers who buy and maintain your products,” da Silva said.

The platform, which is built on a custom architecture, links ModusLink’s existing digital and physical supply chain with those of trusted partners. “The ModusLink data warehouse platform transforms a complex web of technologies, processes, data and trends, and turns it into opportunities,” da Silva said. “We provide a single source of truth for understanding and enabling a brand’s digital commerce capability so that they can better understand and serve customers, expand quickly into new markets around the world and, ultimately, drive revenue that will grow the business.” 

The Data Warehouse offering is part of a series of offerings that will create an end-to-end integrated e-commerce platform that supports different geographies and activities from purchase to return and service. Capabilities include:  

  • Entitlement management
  • E-commerce
  • Financial management and payment services
  • Email marketing
  • Data insight analysis
  • Reverse logistics
  • Contact center
  • Order management system
  • Customer relationship management

The ModusLink platform brings together all of the organization’s sales channels, including business to business channels and direct to consumer. “An integrated channel allows you to have one stock, which reduces the complexity of fulfilment,” da Silva said. The company, for example, has also devleoped a payment gateway that supports more than 300 types of payments used around the world, he added.

 Pricing depends on the services being used and will both per hour and per person usage models, da Silva said.    

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