Moore from the Archives

As the 50th anniversary of Moore’s law approaches this week, we look back some of our past reporting on Gordon Moore and his historic observation. Here are articles from EE Times' archive:

Q&A with Moore after he is named the first ACE lifetime achievement winner:
Next 50 years ‘won’t be easy’

Mark Lapedus interviewed Moore after Moore received EE Times' ACE award:
Intel’s Moore echoes competitiveness concerns

Former Intel engineer predicts Moore's law dead by 2020:
Moore’s Law Dead by 2022, Expert Says

The following stories are less compelling but possible: Carver Mead speaks on future of electronics at ISSCC:
Carver Mead: Finish the physics revolution

Gordon Moore, 1962.(Source: Computer History Museum)

Gordon Moore, 1962.
(Source: Computer History Museum)

Broadcom's Henry Samueli says in 2013 he is preparing customers for a slowdown in Moore's Law:
Broadcom: Time to prepare for the end of Moore’s Law

Zvi Or-Bach says Moore's law is dead.
28nm: The Last Node of Moore’s Law

Recent KPMG survey refers to opinions on Moore's Law:
Moore’s Law Chips Confidence

—Susan Rambo is executive editor of EE Times.

This article originally appeared on EBN sister site EETimes.

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