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Morrison Express introduces South China Bonded Logistics Park Solution

(El Segundo, CA) – Morrison Express, a leading, global logistics, transportation and supply chain management provider, announced a Bonded Logistics Park  (BLP) solution in Shenzhen to help clients realize benefits to their businesses in five key areas: transit time (efficiency), the option to leverage a unique, non-traditional transportation model (flexibility), reduced transportation expense (cost), simplified customs documentation requirements (reduced complexity), and faster VAT refunds for suppliers (cash flow). This new offering results in a more streamlined transportation management solution driving key, full-scale efficiencies for clients.

“While growth is always top priority for our clients, they often encounter challenges navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape in this part of the world,” said Morrison Express General Manager, Hong Kong & South China, Trevor Wong.

“When one of our clients, a global consumer electronics company, was challenged to meet stringent required-on-site dates out of South China, we developed a solution that avoided the once-necessary 'day trip to Hong Kong,' reducing costs and shortening the supplier VAT refund cycle—significantly improving cash flow,” Wong added.

“The Morrison Express BLP solution delivers value to clients through local trade and compliance support, enabling them to streamline and tackle complicated supply chain challenges,” said Morrison Express Director of Marketing, Chris Chespak.  “The traditional VAT refund process does not initiate until cargo is physically exported from China.  With this solution, the VAT refund process begins right after the cargo clears customs on-site at the BLP, without the need to wait for it to physically leave China.  Clients see the refunds much quicker, granting them flexibility and improved cash flow,” Chespak added.

Through their partnership with Morrison Express, clients can now stay one step ahead of changing logistics requirements in China with less headache along the way.

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