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Mouser Announces New Low Power Technology Site

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. has announced the introduction of their new Low Power Technology Site. This new technology site offers component selection guidelines and circuit design techniques for any developer seeking to achieve the best low power design possible, along with advice on some of the advantages and tradeoffs resulting from these techniques.

The new Low Power Technology Site available on has several sections designed to help developers create low power projects. The Product Selector section is divided into different component categories and covers microcontrollers, power management ICs, RF devices, analog components, memory ICs, and interface chips. Each of these component categories offer valuable advice on how to properly use these components in a circuit so as to achieve the best balance of high performance and low power. Tips are provided for selecting the most suitable components to achieve superior low power designs.

The Featured Products section offers direct links to selected products that boast unique specifications for low power systems, such as the Intel Quark SoC and Analog Device's Ultralow Power ADC. The Articles section provides methodology on how to achieve low power design for various sub-circuits, including low power analog design, low power microcontroller peripherals, using new energy harvesting techniques, optimizing microcontroller designs for low power, and much more. Finally, the Technical Resources section provides instructional videos and detailed application notes to assist both novice and advanced developers in starting a low power design project.

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