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Mouser Delivers Freescale MC33816 Automotive Gate Drivers

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the Freescale MC33816 12-channel programmable smart gate driver for automotive engine control systems. This highly sophisticated gate driver consists of five external MOSFET high side pre-drivers, and seven external MOSFET low side pre-drivers.

The Freescale MC33816 Programmable Gate Driver available from Mouser Electronics provides a programmable solution for precision injector and solenoid control applications. Five high side pre-drivers drive five logic level N-channel MOSFETs with four individually programmable slew rates. There are also six low side pre-drivers for logic level N-channel MOSFETs that also have programmable slew rates. An integrated bootstrap circuit for each high side pre-driver requires only an external capacitor. Internal charge pump circuitry for each high side pre-driver is also available to provide gate drive if the bootstrap circuit is unavailable. In addition, any high side pre-driver can also be used as a low-side pre-driver.

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