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Mouser First to Stock Ultra-Slim Murata EDLCs

MANSFIELD, TX — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is proud to be a selected distributor for Murata’s new DMF series of EDLCs (Electric Double Layer Capacitor), measuring an ultra-thin 2.5mm.

The DMF supercapacitor from Murata is one of four series under the electrical double layer capacitor family that offers high power in the form of higher allowable current than batteries or conventional EDLCs. The DMF supercapacitors have low ESR from 40-60mOhms, an operating temperature range from -30°C to 70°C and capacitance values of 330mF and 470mF.

Combining these double cell capacitors with various power devices provides a life-cycle of 100,000 cycles or more and enables the DMF capacitor to be used as a maintenance-free power storage element.

The DMF capacitor has the highest level of power density throughout the industry, making it ideal for use as an auxiliary power supply for LED flash units, digital cameras and cell phones. Additional applications include peak load assist for GSM PA’s, smart meters, compact motor starters and USB power bus.


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