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Mouser Introduces Vishay/Dale Qi

MANSFIELD, TX — Mouser Electronics, Inc. now stocks Vishay / Dale’s IWAS-3827EC-50 Series Qi Wireless Charging Receiving Coil/Shield that provides 70% or greater efficiency in Rx applications.

Qi technology is a breakthrough in the wireless industry that eliminates the need for bothersome cables, adapters and connectors, and instead, allows power transfer over short distances without wires. Wireless products designed with Qi-compliant parts, such as Vishay / Dale’s IWAS-3827EC-50 Series, will charge on other Qi charging stations, regardless of manufacturer, model, or country, offering design engineers greater flexibility.

Vishay / Dale’s IWAS-3827EC-50 Series Wireless Charging Receiving Coil/Shield was designed for Rx applications up to 10W and is optimized for 5V charging circuitry, in addition to offering the benefits of Qi technology. This RoHS-compliant device also offers high permeability shielding (approximately 24), blocking of charging flux from sensitive components or batteries, high saturation powdered iron not affected by permanent locating magnets, and durable construction.


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