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Mouser Offers Freescale Xtrinsic Sensor Platform for Windows 8

DALLAS — Mouser Electronics, Inc. now has stock available for Freescale’s 12-Axis Xtrinsic Sensor Platform for Microsoft Windows® 8 that combines accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope data using a Freescale ColdFire+ MCU.

This complete hardware and software solution fuses the Xtrinsic MMA8451Q 3-axis accelerometer, the Xtrinsic FXMS3110CDR1 3-axis magnetometer, and Panasonic’s EWTSAFLA21 gyroscope data using a Freescale ColdFire+ MCU for high quality output. The additional integration of the MCF51JU128VHS ColdFire+ MCU acts as a sensor hub and couples with Freescale sensor fusion software to efficiently combine, configure, and process the sensor data to the requirements of the Windows® 8 operating system, extending the Windows mandate for sensor fusion. The Platform is targeted for use in tablets, slates, laptops and other mobile devices.

Built with an acute focus on standby power consumption, overall power consumption, and cost effectiveness, the platform leverages the strengths of the individual sensors to synthesize data such as motion, location and ambient light into an integrated whole, resulting in a more customizable, more accurate, reliable, and sensitive device performance. The Xtrinsic MPL3115A2 precision altimeter, pressure and temperature sensor and an analog ambient light sensor account for the remaining axes. Learn more, visit

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