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Mouser Stocks Industry’s Lowest Power Digital Isolators

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the new Analog Devices Inc (ADI) ADuM144x Quad-channel Digital Isolators, boasting the lowest power of any digital isolators today.

The Analog Devices ADuM1440/1442/1445/1446/1447 Quad-Channel Digital Isolators available from Mouser Electronics are based on ADI's proprietary iCoupler® technology. These high-speed devices target low power systems, drawing from 10µA per channel to as low as only 1µA per channel. Despite the low power consumption, these digital optoisolators have very low pulse width distortion, which is the time difference between the received high voltage pulse and the transmitted digital signal level pulse. Each input pin also has a glitch filter to protect against signal noise on the input pins.

These digital isolators provide 2.5kV of digital isolation, making them excellent for isolating and protecting low voltage digital signal levels from harsh high-voltage systems, and meet the safety requirements for UA and CSA standards (both pending). Target applications include protection for medical devices, automotive controls, home plasma TVs, and general-purpose low power isolation applications.

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