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Mouser’s STMicroelectronics Nucleo Development Boards Support Arduino & Standard Development

Mansfield, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking and shipping the new Nucleo Development Boards from STMicroelectronics. These development boards target anyone that wants to get started using ST's STM32 product families featuring ARM Cortex‑M0, Cortex‑M3, and Cortex‑M4 microcontrollers, and are compatible with a wide range of expansion boards.

The new STMicroelectronics Nucleo development boards available from Mouser Electronics support development and evaluation of ST's 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers. These new boards provide many advanced features not found in other microcontroller development ecosystems. Besides the usual assortment of push buttons, LEDs, and a USB debug interface, Nucleo boards feature two unique sets of expansion headers. The first set of expansion headers sit on the outside edges of the board, and are standard headers on all Nucleo boards. These headers allow for easy access to all peripherals of the target microcontroller during test and development. The second set of expansion headers are nestled inside the first set and are Arduino™ shield compatible. These headers support the use of Arduino Uno v3 expansion boards, called “Arduino shields”, allowing ST's Nucleo boards expanded access to dozens of Arduino‑compatible expansion boards. Arduino shields support a wide variety of applications, including Ethernet, LCD displays, GSM voice and data communications, ZigBee communications, WiFi networking, motor control, music and sound synthesizers, and more.

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