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Move to Digital Power Supplies Spurs Component Demand

WELLINGBOROUGH, UK — According to a newly published report from IMS Research, the explosive growth projected for power supplies with digital control and management will increase demand for Silicon Carbide (SiC) diodes, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and Microprocessors (MPUs). However, in the long term, this will be at the expense of PFC controller ICs, and analog controllers and regulators.

Ryan Sanderson, a Senior Market Analyst in IMS Research’s Power and Energy group commented, “Although supplies with digital control and management are predicted to account for less than 10% of the total merchant market for power supplies in 2015, their components will be worth almost $1 billion. There will be a strong growth in demand for all component types. However, digital controllers/converters are predicted to replace their analog counterparts; and with the use of a DSP or MPU, some functions such as power factor correction (PFC) will be performed without a dedicated IC. This will thus impair the demand for some component types.

Sanderson added, “The impact on some analog component markets is somewhat offset by growth in the markets for components which have previously not been used in power supplies. The market for MPUs and DSPs in merchant power supplies is forecast to increase four-fold from 2010 to 2015, and the use of SiC diodes is increasing rapidly, particularly in the PFC stage.

Further, the report “The World Market for Semiconductors in Merchant Power Supplies” revealed that the total market for semiconductors and components in merchant power supplies is projected to reach over $7 billion in 2015. AC-DC merchant power supplies will account for over 90%; DC-DC merchant power supplies account for less than 10%.

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  1. saranyatil
    February 3, 2011

    For decades we have been using IGBT's and PN junction diodes in inverter cicuits and many more power supplies.The greatest advantage of SiC over all its counter parts is just because it can be used in high power switching applications and has zero recovery current. Innovations and accuracy are moving parallely with these outcomes designers are switching towards the best available components.

    Especially SiC have created a greater demand in the present years, the primary markets for SiC has been predominantly being used in switch mode power supplies and power factor corrections markets. they enable to achieve near perfect high voltage diodes and the advantages offered by this unique technology may open up new oppurtunities and possibilities in motor drive and hybrid electric vehicles market. so they can be enhanced for creating a green environment indirectly later can be used in solar powered vehicles too.

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