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NEC Lenovo Japan to Deliver Enhanced Innovations

BEIJING & TOKYO — Lenovo and NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced the launch of NEC Lenovo Japan Group, which becomes Japan’s biggest(*) PC provider. According to recent analyst figures, the new group will total nearly 25 percent of Japan’s PC market, with a strong presence in both the commercial/government sector and in consumer sales.

The group will leverage the complementary strengths and expertise of NEC and Lenovo to provide greater value to users and partners in Japan offering competitive and innovative products and combining high standard services.

“We are proud to announce the launch of NEC Lenovo Japan Group. We have been engaged in extensive talks with NEC since the announcement of the joint venture in January to further mutual growth and cement our foundation for delivering innovative, high-quality products and services to Japanese customers. We would like to stress again that we are fully committed to the Japanese market and we are determined to continue to lead the PC industry in Japan and expand this strategic alliance beyond the PC business” stated Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo.

Based on the strategic alliance between NEC and Lenovo, NEC Lenovo Japan Group comprises of three companies: the holding company, Lenovo NEC Holdings B.V., newly founded on July 1, and its 100 percent owned subsidiary companies, NEC Personal Computers Ltd., newly formed by separating NEC’s PC business unit from NEC Personal Products Ltd., and Lenovo Japan Ltd. As a result of this transaction, NEC has received from Lenovo US$175 million through an issue of Lenovo shares.

NEC and Lenovo both hold stakes in the joint venture (51 percent by Lenovo and 49 percent by NEC). Roderick Lappin, President of Lenovo Japan Ltd., is Executive Chairman of the joint venture whilst Hideyo Takasu, President and representative director of NEC Personal Computers Ltd., is President and CEO.

“With this alliance, both companies will continue to progress and be committed to Japanese PC users as well as contributing more to the growth of the PC market in Japan. We will also strengthen our efforts to achieve the No.1 customer satisfaction for our quality, function and service. Furthermore, based on this strategic partnership, we will continue to discuss and assess new opportunities with this global partnership” stated Nobuhiro Endo, President of NEC.

The companies are inviting customers to celebrate the launch of the new joint venture with a program that will offer one million yen worth of prizes through NEC Direct and Lenovo Shopping, shopping sites belonging to both companies. Winners will be selected by lottery. Details of the “NEC Lenovo Japan Group Launch Celebration Campaign,” which runs from July 4, 2011 to August 4, 2011 are available at

Along with the formal launch of the joint venture, NEC Lenovo Japan today announced the following two new initiatives to enhance the customers’ experience in technical support: 1) NEC’s “Product Help Support” service, provided by 121 Contact Center, will now extend free technical support beyond the first year. Previously customers had to pay for a second year of support, but from January 2012, customers will receive free support for the lifetime of their PC ownership. This free customer support service will enable NEC to further enhance the user experience by making the company’s trouble-shooting service more readily available. Terms of the product support service for enterprise customers will remain unchanged.

2) NEC Personal Computer Ltd. will bring its extensive know-how in customer services to the joint venture, and will be entrusted with Lenovo’s telephone-based consumer PC support service in Japan from October 2011. This will help Lenovo deliver even stronger local support to its customers in Japan. Terms of the product support service for enterprise customers will remain unchanged.

The new group will maintain the Lenovo and NEC brands and each product will continue to be sold through their existing respective sales channels. By combining the strengths of the two companies such as NEC’s extensive experience in Japan and Lenovo’s global scale in supply chain and procurement, Lenovo and NEC will bolster their product development structures and deliver high-quality, high-performance products.

*Source: IDC Japan, Japan Personal Computing Quarterly Model Analysis Q1 CA2011

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