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ATLANTA — The Boards of Directors of the National Electronics Distributors Association (NEDA) and the Electronic Components Association (ECA) voted in September to approve the consolidation of the two associations into one – the Electronics Components Industry Association (ECIA). The newly created association is on schedule to commence operation in January 2011.

The mission of the new association is to promote and improve the business environment for the authorized sales of electronic components. The association will enable the industry to speak with one voice for the manufacturers, independent field sales representatives and distributors of electronic components on issues of critical importance to the authorized channel. The combined membership, resources and leadership will incorporate the necessary elements to provide enhanced member benefits and services while reducing duplication of efforts and decreasing costs.

ECIA is expected to become the premier association in the electronics industry today, championing best manufacturing practices, standards, industry advocacy and industry statistics. ECA and NEDA will continue to manage unique programs and services for each association’s constituencies prior to full integration into the new association.

Robin B. Gray, Jr., acting NEDA Executive Vice President, will preside over the new association as President and Chief Executive Officer. Bob Willis, current ECA President, will be the Chief Technical Officer. John Denslinger, MuRata Electronics, will become the new association’s first elected Chairperson of the Board. The other officers are Michael Knight, TTI, Inc., as Chairperson-elect and Brian McNally, Arrow Electronics, as Past Chairperson of the Board.

“The ECIA provides an exciting opportunity to unite the electronic components industry in support of the authorized channel,” said Robin B. Gray, Jr., NEDA Executive Vice President. “The new association joins suppliers, distributors and sales representatives in finding ways to improve the marketplace for industry products. We look forward to combining our efforts for maximum effectiveness.”

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