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NeoGrid Founder Miguel Abuhab Set to Speak at the 2017 TOCICO International Conference

CHICAGO –  NeoGrid, a global technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, announces that, in addition to being a platinum global sponsor, its founder, Miguel Abuhab, will present at the 2017 Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) International Conference scheduled for July 16-19 in Berlin. Abuhab’s presentation” How to Prioritize the Shipment of Goods to Avoid Out-of-Stock” will take an in-depth look at what manufacturers need to change in order to reduce out of stocks and how they can cause the change, as well as highlighting overall benefits of these changes for both manufacturers and retailers.

The 15th  annual international conference explores how to implement the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to break down walls of resistance and conflict, build bridges that foster collaboration and bring about the kind of reform in organizations that leads to a vibrant, thriving new reality. The conference includes two days of keynote and presentation sessions that will showcase how TOC is breaking the paradigm lock that prevents cooperation that exists in many businesses and industries and instead, ushers in a new era of collaboration and reformation of the organizations to become ever flourishing.

Miguel Abuhab, founder, NeoGrid, said, “To avoid out-of-stock situations at the point of sale, manufacturers must prioritize order delivery while taking into account the risk of product shortage at the store. With this information, the manufacturer can improve its delivery in order to increase the turnover of its products and, at the same time, the retailer can increase availability on the shelf. In turn, this reduces losses caused by product shortages for both parties.”

Abuhab’s speaking session is slated for 12:05 p.m. on Sunday, July 16. For more information about the conference and speaking session, visit

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