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New Alpha Electronics Precision SMD Bulk Metal® Foil Resistors, Made in Japan in Fully Automated Process, Provide Competitive Pricing for OEMs

September 06, 2016 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

MALVERN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE )–VPG Foil Resistors, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE:VPG) product group, announced today that its Alpha Electronics brand has introduced a new series of precision surface-mount Bulk Metal® Foil resistors that are the first such devices to be manufactured in a fully automated process — providing competitive pricing in high-volume applications for OEMs. Made in Japan, RW Series resistors feature low TCR of ±2 ppm/°C or ±5 ppm/°C and resistance tolerance as low as ±0.01% in 0603, 0805, and 1206 case sizes.

The devices released today are optimized for precision instrumentation, automatic test equipment, scales, audio equipment and any medical or industrial applications, that require resistors with extemely tight load-life stability of +/-0.005% typical at 70°C and rated power for 2,000 hours. In these applications, the devices provide superior TCR and long-term stability when compared to thin film resistors, as well as shorter lead times. In addition, the RW Series’ industry-standard packages eliminate the need for PCB changes in existing designs.

Offered in the 0603 package with a power rating of 0.1 W and resistance to 5 kΩ, the RWA is ideal for applications where space savings are a primary concern. The RWB features a 0.2 W power rating and resistance to 10 kΩ in the most common package size: the 0805. With a 0.3 W power rating and resistance to 30 kΩ, the RWC is ideal for converting 4 mA to 20 mA input signals into 1 V to 5 V output signals in applications such as factory automation and process control. All three devices are RoHS-compliant.

Device Specification Table:

Part number RWA RWB RWC
Package 0603 0805 1206
Power rating @ 70

°C (W)

0.1 0.2 0.3
Resistance range (Ω)* 100 to 5 k 10 to 10 k 5 to 30 k
Max. working voltage (V) 22 45 95

* Any ohmic value within the resistance range for each device is available out to four digits at no additional cost or lead time effect.

Samples and production quantities of the new RW Series resistors are available now, with lead times of five to eight weeks. The RW Series resistors will be among the products on display during electronica 2016 at the VPG Foil Resistors booth B6/116 at the Messe München, November 8-11.

The newly redesigned web site offers detailed information on the industry’s most precise and stable resistors from the Vishay Foil Resistors, Powertron, and Alpha Electronics brands, including videos, application notes, datasheets, and market-related information.

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Vishay Precision Group, Inc. is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of: components based on its resistive foil technology; sensors; and sensor-based systems specializing in the growing markets of stress, force, weight, pressure, and current measurements. VPG is a market leader of foil technology products, providing ongoing technology innovations in precision foil resistors and foil strain gages, which are the foundation of the company’s force sensors products and its weighing and control systems. The product portfolio consists of a variety of well-established brand names recognized for precision and quality in the marketplace. To learn more, visit VPG at

About VPG Foil Resistors

VPG Foil Resistors produces the most precise and stable resistors available. Distinguished by the premier brands Vishay Foil Resistors, Powertron, and Alpha Electronics, the VPG Foil Resistors portfolio includes discrete resistors and resistor networks in surface mount and through-hole (fixed-lead) configurations; customized chip resistor networks; precision trimming potentiometers; and discrete chips for use in hybrid circuits. These devices are used in applications requiring a high degree of precision and stability, such as in medical testing equipment, semiconductor equipment, precision measuring instruments, aerospace, and military applications. To learn more about VPG Foil Resistors, visit; Alpha Electronics can be reached at

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