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New Breed Logistics Opens Belfast Facility

HIGH POINT, N.C. — New Breed Logistics, a North Carolina-based provider of outsourced logistics services and supply chain consulting has announced the opening of a manufacturing support facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland to support assembly of the advanced composite wings for Bombardier's* new CSeries* aircraft.

New Breed will provide services to Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast that include kitting for the CSeries aircraft wings, as well as kit engineering and production, and some inbound transportation management. New Breed's aerospace business intelligence solutions will provide visibility of orders, inventory availability, performance metrics, and service levels.

Bombardier's CSeries aircraft is one of a new generation of airliners built largely of advanced materials and promising improved fuel efficiency and performance. New Breed Executive VP of Aerospace and Government Services, Dennis Hunt, said, “Our work with other advanced commercial and military aircraft has given us tremendous insight into rapidly designing and managing supply chains to support manufacturing of new generation aircraft. We understand the challenges and have the expertise for engineering and implementing effective solutions. We're looking forward to supporting the CSeries aircraft program.”

“Given the strong global demand for CSeries aircraft, we anticipate significant expansion of this manufacturing support facility and continued hiring over the next four years,” said Hunt.

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