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New EMEA Technology Distribution Alliance Opens Its Doors for Business

DUBLIN , July 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

The Technology Channels Alliance (TCA), announced earlier in the year, has now been formally incorporated in Dublin and is open for business. The TCA is looking to recruit local and regional distributors across EMEA to share information, ideas and best practice – and to drive business for technology distribution channels across the region.

Three former members of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) are founder members of the TCA and will sit on the board of the EMEA-focused organisation. Multi-regional distributors Westcoast, Exertis and Esprinet have worked together to form the Technology Channels Alliance (TCA), which will work with the vendor community to help it understand and make full use of the benefits of working with local and regional channel partners across EMEA.

Robert Norum , chief executive of the TCA: “Our intention is to provide local and regional distributors in EMEA with a voice, and the TCA will represent the interests of local and regional channel players.”

“We will be asking our members to sign up to a charter. They need to be professionally run, have a good reputation, and be trustworthy to do business with. New members will have to be ratified by the board, but if you are a genuine technology distributor headquartered in EMEA, you will be welcome.”

In addition to full membership for EMEA-headquartered distributors, there is also the opportunity for corporate resellers and retailers to join as associate members, and for distributors with headquarters outside EMEA to join as affiliate members.

“We don't want anyone to feel excluded; it is going to be a democratic organisation with a one member, one vote approach on key decisions,” he said, adding that the TCA will establish a social charter and set up a charitable foundation with a portion of its member fees

The organisation will run events, conduct research and produce case studies to help its members work more closely with vendors and each other to address issues and capitalise on local and regional opportunities. It will also promote new technology in the wider sense by giving back to the community.

Founder member Joe Hemani , chief executive of Westcoast, told CRN: “It is really about working together in Europe to get the best possible working practices, share case studies and bring knowledge to all our partners. It is about trying to get us all thinking in the European way.”

Alessandro Cattani , chief executive of Esprinet, said: “We have an ambition to create what we call a 'chain of knowledge' all the way from vendors through the channel to end users, and the TCA will drive this agenda.”

Niall Ennis , chief executive of Exertis, added: “Regional players are a hugely important part of the technology channel in EMEA and provide a focus and a range of services tailored to each of the countries in which they operate.”

For further information, please contact:
Robert Norum , CEO on +44(0)7767-624-662 or

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