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New LED Surge Protection Module Offers Lowest Measured Limiting Voltage Available in a 20kA Maximum Current Surge Rated SPD

September 14, 2016 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE )–Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, today introduced a new series of LED lightning surge protection modules with greater transient overvoltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. The LSP10GIHP Series Surge Protection Device (SPD) Module is the only series-connected SPD module on the market that combines low surge let-through (measured limiting voltage or MLV) and low clamping voltage ratings with a built-in LED indicator that alerts maintenance personnel to the need for replacement. This low MLV rating helps protect a luminaire’s LED driver against surge-induced failures and extends its operating lifetime.

Constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected varistors, this series is available in a choice of operating voltages (277V or 480V). The 277V can be confidently used in 120V and 240V systems. The 480V can be confidently used in 347V systems and some 277V systems. A built-in thermal disconnect function protects against catastrophic failures and fire hazards, even under varistor end-of-life or sustained overvoltage conditions.

Applications include roadway lighting, parking garage lighting, wash wall lighting, traffic lighting, flood lighting, digital signage, tunnel lighting, and street lighting.

“The LSP10GIHP Series offers the highest level of protection from transient surge voltage in the lighting market today,” said Todd Phillips, global marketing manager. “Its low surge let-through ensures the SPD module is compatible with the LED driver it’s intended to protect, giving luminaire designers the flexibility to choose the brand and wattage of driver they want without worrying about whether it will coordinate properly with the SPD module.”

LSP10GIHP Series Surge Protection Modules offer these key benefits:

  • Low MLV and low voltage protection level (Up ) reduce driver failure and increase time between maintenance calls.
  • Double-insulated cable wire makes the LSP10GIHP suitable for use in Class II luminaires per IEC/EN 60598-1.
  • A built-in LED indicator saves maintenance time by identifying when the SPD module requires replacement to keep protecting the luminaire.


The LSP10GIHP Series is available in bulk pack. Sample requests can be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

For More Information

Additional information is available on the LSP10GIHP Series product page. If you have technical questions, please contact: Todd Phillips, global marketing manager,

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Founded in 1927, Littelfuse is the world leader in circuit protection with growing global platforms in power control and sensing. The company serves customers in the electronics, automotive and industrial markets with technologies including fuses, semiconductors, polymers, ceramics, relays and sensors. Littelfuse has over 10,000 employees in more than 40 locations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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