Newark Name Evolutions Continues with Avnet Moniker

One of the strongest brands in electronics distribution, Newark, is re-claiming its name. Beginning March 1, Newark element14 has changed its name to Newark, an Avnet Company. Customers have known the business as Newark since it was established in the 1930s, and this name change acknowledges its strong relationship with its customers and its role as a key element of the Avnet Inc. eco-system.

“Bringing Newark together with the Avnet brand shows that working with Newark is also working with Avnet, and demonstrates the value that the two can add as one company,” Avnet said in a release.

Newark was first established in 1934 as Newark Electronics and joined AC Farnell in Europe in 1996 to become Premier Farnell. Historically, Newark's phonebook-sized paper catalogs were a fixture in design and engineering facilities. Newark could be counted upon to have the latest and widest variety of components available through any distributor; its spec sheets were meticulous and up to date. Designers at electronics companies reportedly would steal the catalog from one another and the pages were so dog-eared and marked up the release of a new catalog was greeted with much anticipation.

In 2008, Premier Farnell began re-branding its global distribution groups with the element14 moniker. With the advent of online purchasing and supply chain globalization, Premier Farnell's goal was to unite its businesses as element14 with common line cards, operations, systems and brands. Newark element14 retained its legacy name largely because of customer recognition.

Newark element14 was a trailblazer in the digital realm. The combined businesses became one of the first distribution companies to offer eProcurement capabilities to customers and first to launch an online community for engineers, element14, which now boasts 600,000 members. Beginning in 2009, element14 augmented its online buying tool; added CAD tools to its online service offerings and developed the Knode, a one-stop online shop for design prototyping.

Premier Farnell never successfully phased out the Newark name and in 2016 Premier Farnell was acquired by Avnet. Brands within Avnet’s overall ecosystem are now being brought together to provide a simple and cohesive proposition for both customers and suppliers, Avnet said. Through a number of strategic acquisitions, Avnet has grown its capabilities to enable product makers of all sizes to manage the entire product lifecycle – from idea to global distribution. Avnet now has the capabilities to support every stage of the product lifecycle and is the first distributor to offer true end-to-end solutions in-house that follow an idea from prototype to mass production.

Customers increasingly are looking to distributors for a one-stop shop. Many start-ups, particularly in IoT, have never established a supply chain, infrastructure or product-support services. Newark continues to focus on engineers and designers — typically low-volume, high mix orders — while Avnet provides fulfillment and supply chain services. By working with Newark and Avnet together, customers have one partner throughout their product development cycle and save time and money with end-to-end product support.

Farnell element14 has also changed its name, to Farnell, An Avnet Company.

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