Next-Gen IoT Consortium Launches

LAKE WALES, Fla.—By uniting the quest for heterogenous integration of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and silicon photonic devices into the same package, the next-generation of Internet of Things (IoT) could be redefined. A consortium of nearly a dozen manufacturers has pledged to meld MEMS+Photonics before the end of the decade.

“The Internet of Things will drive sensor growth to trillions of units as sensors become a fundamental economic driver. Disruptive sensor applications are expected to change our lives. Materializing these huge business opportunities requires a paradigm shift in sensor innovation and manufacturing.” Mo Maghsoudnia, vice president, technology and worldwide manufacturing at InvenSense told EE Times. “IME's packaging consortia partnership will allow us to identify and develop MEMS packaging innovative solutions in order to scale up for the IoT.”

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