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Nu Horizons Releases New Application Note

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Nu Horizons Electronics, an Arrow Electronics company, today released a new application note focusing on key design considerations when implementing high dynamic range security cameras. The development of high definition image sensors has allowed video cameras targeted for security and surveillance, traffic control, video conferencing and automotive applications to dramatically improve image clarity. In addition, by using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques high dynamic range (HDR) images can be created that dramatically improve visibility in low light, bright light and reduced contrast scenes even with a combination of these challenges. FPGAs, like the Lattice ECP3 FPGA, can be used effectively as the DSP engine to add HDR capability to HD sensors. In addition, the FPGA can implement a variety of system interfaces, control functions and/or communications protocols thus integrating all the key elements of the camera system. This simplifies the design, reduces power and improves responsiveness to changes in the marketplace.

Information included in the guide is compiled from multiple datasheets, white papers and application notes. In addition, the supporting website, delivers easy access to all source documentation, development board purchasing, or checking part availability from a centralized location.

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