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Nucleus Research Issues 2016 Value Matrix for Supply Chain Design

BOSTON –Nucleus Research has released the 2016 Technology Value Matrix for Supply Chain Design (SCD) as LLamasoft, JDA and Insight Sails solutions lead the competition, Leading vendors are focused on usability, improving their solutions to make model building easier for users and making user interfaces friendlier to support recurrent design projects.

“Given the acceleration of market volatility, instead of completely overhauling an SCD deployment to fix a specific problem, it's important that vendors today provide tools that allow customers to assess modifications prior to making any substantial changes. This approach allows users to quickly strategize operational adjustments in an industry that increasingly operates on leveraging greater and greater efficiencies,” said James Cooke, principal analyst at Nucleus Research.

Focus on easier, more intuitive interfaces, network configuration insights and growing simulation capabilities allow supply chain managers to examine supply chain flows more effectively in a competitive global markets driven by e-commerce. Nucleus Research expects that more companies will deploy SCD tools as more frequent assessments are increasingly necessary to discover new ways to lower transportation costs and reduce inventory holdings.

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