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Numetrics Releases Free Risk Software

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Numetrics today released the production version of IC Project Analyzer (ICPA), a tool for semiconductor product-development teams that calculates schedule risk of newly planned IC projects and benchmarks performance of completed projects against the industry. ICPA, available as software-as-a-service (SaaS), can be used free of charge by visiting

ICPA is based on the same core technology and world-class database powering Numetrics’ industry-standard, fact-based planning tool suite, NMX-ERP, which top semiconductor and electronics companies use throughout their R&D organizations.

Using IC Project Analyzer, engineering managers input their project’s staffing level plus the key chip design parameters that quantify their design’s complexity. Then, depending on the project’s stage within its lifecycle, the software either benchmarks the execution assumptions of the project’s plan or, if nearing completion, benchmarks how the team performed.

“IC Project Analyzer is a quick and easy way for engineering managers to benchmark their project execution assumptions and team performance,” said Ron Collett, CEO and founder of Numetrics. “It offers a glimpse into the power of our enterprise software—a solution that the world’s top semiconductor companies use to reliably determine the resources needed in order to meet schedule on complex chip design projects.”

“Over 85% of semiconductor design projects slip schedule, which ties up valuable engineering resources and costs companies lost market opportunity,” Mr. Collett said. “Fact-based planning delivers better schedule predictability and improves engineering productivity at a time when product-development teams are being asked to do more with less, he added.”

ICPA is the latest offering from Numetrics designed to help product-development organizations improve their productivity and predictability.


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