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NXP & Intrinsic-ID Demo New Security Solution

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) and Intrinsic-ID, a leading provider of security IP solutions, today announced the availability of a demonstration platform for the deployment of hardware intrinsic security (HIS) solutions based on Physical Unclonable Functions on NXP’s SmartMXTM security chip platform.

The demonstration leverages Intrinsic-ID’s QuiddikeyTM solution to increase the security level of SmartMX-powered assets against various forms of attack. The Smart Card demo visualizes the unique characteristics of the HIS-based key storage method: the secret key is extracted from the hardware instead of storing it, as in traditional key storage methods.

This approach allows a device to generate a unique secret key only when needed and power down with no key present. The new key storage method is another important security milestone for NXP’s SmartMX security chip platform.

Kees Wesdorp, vice president and general manager, secure identity, NXP Semiconductors, said: “Advanced measures against cloning and reverse engineering are key to protect against future highly sophisticated attacks. With the first implementation of the Intrinsic ID QuiddikeyTM technology ,NXP is further raising the security level of our SmartMX platform. This new security feature will become part of NXP’s Integral SecurityTM concept.”

The demonstration compares conventional cards with cards using HIS storage method. In the first step the difference in personalization mechanism is explained. In a second step, the user can try to clone conventional cards and HIS-based cards by copying data from one card to the other. For HIS-based cards, the cloning fails due to physical unclonability.

Tony Picard, vice president of business development for Intrinsic-ID, said: “We are delighted with this tangible success of NXP in commercially deploying our technology. The NXP demonstration platform will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming semi-annual advisory meeting of the HIS Initiative in Eindhoven on 25th May.”

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