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NXP LPC1500 from Mouser Electronics Makes Motor Control Simple *Updated With Video*

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new LPC1500 Motion Control Chip solution from NXP Semiconductor. The LPC1500 is a flexible controller capable of driving a variety of different motors including brushless DC, sensored, sensorless, and permanent magnet motors.

The new NXP Semiconductor LPC1500 Motion Control IC available from Mouser Electronics is optimized for fast and easy motor control in a variety of applications. The LPC1500 is powered by a 72MHz ARM Cortex‑M3 core combined with specialized motor control peripherals. Two 12-bit, 12 channel ADCs and a quadrature encoder interface provide enough support to drive two motors at the same time. The ADCs sample at a fast 2Msamples/sec and allow for precision motor position sensing and speed control. Precision PWM generators insure accurate and efficient motor drive control, including stepper motors. A 12‑bit DAC samples at 500Ksamples/sec and provides precision voltage control of DC motors. A on‑chip temperature sensor monitors system temperature to quickly correct overheating conditions. External control is achieved via a CAN or USB bus. I²C and SPI interfaces are also available.

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