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Octofiber: 3D Printing Just Got Easier

Amsterdam – Today Octofiber 3D printing filament material is launched. Octofiber filament offers improved usability by streamlining the filament handling and storage process. As a result 3D printers owners will experience less failed prints and obtain more accurate print results.

A regular problem occurring with 3D printing filament is entangling of the filament. It is caused when spools are idle and the filament windings have a possibility to entangle. Job van Noorloos, engineer at The Plastic Enterprise and 3D print enthusiast noticed that many innovations these days are focused on improving the printers themself. And saw that little attention was paid to filament management and storage. Resulting in messy workspaces, entangled filament and idle filament collecting dust, which in turn leads to failed prints

Job van Noorloos: “With the release of the Octofiber a large chunk of filament annoyances is gone, but improvement continues and now new developments are being worked on. Things focused on waste prevention and other innovations are in the pipeline. In this development process resellers and enthusiasts are encouraged to engage.”

Product details

Octofiber is a range of high quality 1.75mm diameter (0.05mm tolerance) filaments, available in PLA, ABS and PETG being released soon. Octofiber is available in multiple lively colors, delivered in a carefully engineered cardboard box, with 3D printed inserts. Which allow you turn it into an easy to use storage container and cartridge. See it yourself:


Octofiber is available as of today through resellers in The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and India. More details are provided on Job van Noorloos: “We're really happy with the positive feedback from our first resellers and we will be working to grow our reseller network this year. We want to help every 3D printing enthusiast on earth on happy and hassle free printing!”

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