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Open, Global, Collaborative and Connected: Meets Surging Demand

Boston, MA, US and London, UK—July 19, 2016— From global supply chain disruptions to cost leadership, today’s procurement/supply management professionals are expected to steer their organizations through the most critical issues affecting their businesses. As they also navigate their way through cataclysmic events, technological changes, talent shortages, and unexpected innovations from competitors, the mandate is clear: Their success depends on being open, global, agile, and connected 24/7.

That’s the message that , the world’s leading free online business network for procurement/supply chain professionals, is hearing from its rapidly expanding community. Today, Procurious announced that they have increased their membership by 60 percent—from 10,000 to 16,000—over the past six months. New members are tapping into its unique combination of networking, skill development and advancement opportunities—all through a vibrant platform where everyone has an equal voice. Since January alone, Procurious has logged more than one million page views; and since its launch two years ago, the platform has reported 100,000 views of its eLearning videos, hosted more than 850 discussions, and published more than 800 blogs.

“Social media is incredibly empowering to our profession, and we are thrilled that it has been so widely embraced,” said Tania Seary, Founding Chairman, Procurious. “There is no more efficient medium for collaboration and problem solving. By sharing information as one worldwide community, we can stay one step ahead of disruption and uncover new sources of value for our businesses,” she added.

New partnerships and content will soon build on these opportunities. Among other announcements Procurious is making today:

· Coming to a country near you: For the first time, Procurious will host one-day conferences in 2017 for CPOs and influencers in Chicago, Singapore and Dubai, making proceedings available online for its global members. In addition, they will hold a CPO Roundtable on “Intelligent Design for Procurement Performance” on October 19 in London, in partnership with The Smart Cube. Procurious leaders will also be speaking at events around the world—including the National Procurement Institute’s Annual Conference October 10-12 in Colorado Springs, where Tania Seary will discuss “The Disruptive Forces Keeping CPOs Awake at Night” and “Using Social Media as the Edge in the War for Talent”.

· New partnership: To keep procurement professionals on top of the latest trends, Procurious has launched a new content sharing relationship with, industry’s leading go-to platform for supplier discovery and evaluation.

· Building on a strong foundation: Last fall, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM ® ), the world’s first supply management institute, became a Procurious Foundation Partner. This is increasing Procurious members’ access to ISM’s highly regarded educational offerings, including the ISM Mastery Model™ and its just-announced eISM platform. At the same time, ISM members continue to benefit from discussions and networking on Procurious, and even have their own branded group.

Procurious also continues to build on its relationship with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) as the organization’s official Social Media Knowledge Partner to deliver enhanced learning and networking opportunities for both Procurious and CIPS members.

Justin Plokhooy, Director Supply Chain Management, USAA, said, “I use Procurious every day to ask questions and learn about new strategies and technologies. It’s a privilege to bring the community’s collective experience to the table whenever I’m making a major decision.”

In the increasingly complex procurement profession, the larger the community of experts, the better. Add your unique voice today by registering at

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Procurious is the world’s first online business community dedicated to procurement and supply chain professionals. It’s a hub to advance your career, develop your skills and expand your global professional network. With 16,000 members across the globe, Procurious aims to empower procurement leaders to connect, collaborate and take a more innovative professional outlook. Think of Procurious as a professional network, news and knowledge hub, learning and career center, all in one place. Join now at – it’s free to register and participate.

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