Optimization Reigns in Today’s Conveyors

A long time landmark in the manufacturing landscape, conveyor systems have undergone a transformation that is helping manufacturers have greater optimization, productivity, profitability and safety.

“Today, industries are more inclined towards the use of advanced technologies to reduce production cycle time and operating costs,” said a market research report from Research and Markers on the worldwide conveyor market. “Conveyor systems have played an important role in achieving these targets, where these systems have made complex operations simpler, yet efficient.”

Particularly in developing world regions, such as China, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thailand and Egypt, adoption of these systems are growing at a significant rate, the report said.

The infographic below from Dorner outlines the evolution of today's conveyor systems. Take a look, and let us know the evolution of your organization's use of conveyor systems in the comments section below.

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    April 14, 2015

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