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Paragon Software Systems Announces Mobile Proof of Delivery System

Dallas, TX – Paragon Software Systems, Inc., a leader in vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions, introduces a mobile proof of delivery and fulfillment system. FleXipod provides real-time information on the status of deliveries, captures essential delivery recipient information including a signature for proof of delivery and provides user tracking via GPS, enhancing visibility of the delivery operation in real-time. The cloud-based solution improves customer service, speeds up invoicing, minimizes disputes, reduces paperwork and can be configured to force driver compliance to regulations and transportation plans.

“Home delivery services are a business that everyone seems to want in on, even though some data shows that it's hard to be profitable because of failure to meet customer expectations. Failed deliveries and dissatisfied customers can add costs to a company's already tight transportation budget,” said Wayne Holgate, Senior VP, Product at Paragon Software Systems. “With FleXipod, transport managers can respond in near real-time to any deviations and can act to rectify failed deliveries within minutes. In addition, consumers can be texted with details of the up to date expected delivery time.”

FleXipod is an electronic proof of delivery system that can be implemented using PDA, tablet, and smartphone devices. In addition to traditional electronic proof of delivery functionality, FleXipod enables users to create, manage, deploy and utilize fully configurable data capture forms allowing users to change the driver “workflow” to meet a variety of business requirements. As well as standard required actions following specific task outcomes – signature on screen following successful delivery, additional note capture regarding a damaged installation part, photograph of premises if end client not present and so on – the forms management module allows a further level of data to be captured with the specific details completely under user control.

Job lists are uploaded to a web based central management console, giving a real-time view of jobs and smooth integration with centralized transportation planning systems. Drivers receive up-to-the-minute information of jobs to perform, including amendments made while out on the road. Paperwork is eliminated as FleXipod captures standard proof of delivery data such as signatures and additional information via customizable forms that can be extracted for customer service updates or invoicing. Photographic evidence can be taken to aid customer service requests, such as failed deliveries or damaged products. The fully electronic capture and transfer of data drastically reduces the amount of paperwork and creates a more secure and efficient data management process.

FleXipod incorporates GPS tracking of each device's exact location so transportation managers can check driver adherence to expected routes and timescales. Recipients can be alerted as to the expected time when a delivery will occur. By tracking and gaining instant updates on deliveries, it is possible to monitor driver performance and instantly respond to failed deliveries or delays, improving customer service and enhancing business processes. FleXipod integrates with invoicing systems to speed up invoicing capabilities and improve cash flow.

FleXipod also integrates with Paragon's HDX, a home delivery management and route optimization solution that analyzes all the existing deliveries scheduled, resource availability and route planning parameters, then calculates the best delivery time to offer customers, within seconds. “By increasing first-time delivery success, maximizing drops per vehicle, reducing time spent on problem solving and putting the customer in control of their order, HDX can help companies improve service levels and reduce transportation costs,” adds William Salter, CEO and President, Paragon Software Systems. “With the addition of FleXipod, the HDX suite can include comprehensive proof of delivery and driver tracking to reduce paperwork, admin resource and improve customer services.”

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