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Peerless Electronics Expands with New Hires & Staff Promotions

Bethpage, NY –  Peerless Electronics Inc., one of the world’s largest stocking distributors of switches, relays and circuit breaker products for leading manufacturers and suppliers within the aerospace , military, industrial, transportation and medical sectors, has expanded its employee roster by hiring six people and promoting three in 2018.

As an employee-owned company (ESOP), Peerless has broadened its commitment to customer service, quality and product performance. The new hires bring additional levels of skill and expertise to the company, and will complement Peerless’ large and diversified inventory of switches, circuit breakers, sensors and value added services. In addition to expanding its employee roster, Peerless has recently acquired further certifications, additional product lines and service offerings, making Peerless an example of industry growth and expansion. 

“Peerless has a long track record of success dating back to the mid-1940s. We recognize that one key driver of our success is our people, and we have made a commitment to hiring the best and most experienced professionals in the industry,” said Bill Gallucci, President of Peerless Electronics Inc. “Not only does this strategy reflect our broadened business outlook, but it supports our customers by providing them with the experience, expertise and service they need to be successful.” 

New hires and promotions are as follows:

Steven Gunther – General Manager

Mr. Steven Gunther was promoted to General Manager of Peerless Electronics Inc. Mr. Gunther was formerly Inside Sales Manager at Peerless’ New York headquarters. Since joining Peerless in 2001, Mr. Gunther has held several sales management positions. He has over 33 years of experience in military and defense electronics and nearly 30 years of experience in electronic products distribution.  

Hiram Diaz – Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Hiram Diaz was hired as Quality Assurance Manager for Peerless Electronics Inc. Prior to joining Peerless, Mr. Diaz held the position of Quality and Operations Manager for 14 years at an industry-leading distributor.

Brandon Eble – Inside Sales Manager

Mr. Brandon Eble was hired as Inside Sales Manager at Peerless Electronics Inc. Mr. Eble brings 12 years of electronics distribution experience in sales and marketing to Peerless, having formerly worked at an industry leading distributor.

Adam Wisniewski – Purchasing Manager

Mr. Adam Wisniewski was promoted to Peerless Electronics Inc. Purchasing Manager. Mr. Wisniewski joined Peerless in September 2016 as a Purchasing Agent. Prior to 2016, he was formerly employed as a Purchasing Manager at a recognized distribution industry leader.

Jody Crouse – Field Sales Representative

Ms. Crouse was hired as Peerless Field Sales Representative in the TOLA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas) region. With over 30 years of experience in electronics and distribution of electromechanical and passive devices, as well as semiconductors, Ms. Crouse brings priceless expertise to Peerless.  

Joanna Guild – Human Resources Generalist

Ms. Joanna Guild was hired as Human Resources Generalist at Peerless Electronics Inc. Previously, Ms. Guild worked in human resource positions in the healthcare industry as well as in the retail industry.

Edward Combs – Marketing Manager

Mr. Edward Combs, a Peerless Electronics Inc. employee for 26 years, has transitioned to a new position as Marketing Manager. He has responsibility for strategic positioning and tactical execution. In his prior positions at Peerless, Mr. Combs was Purchasing Manager and Peerless Quality Assurance Manager.  

Doug Kirkiewicz – National Field Sales Manager

Mr. Doug Kirkiewicz was hired as National Field Sales Manager for Peerless Electronics Inc. Mr. Kirkiewicz is experienced in both manufacturing and distribution, and has been recognized for exceptional achievements in sales growth and providing customer and sales services throughout the USA and Canada. As National Field Sales Manager, Mr. Kirkiewicz is responsible with helping the sales team reach out to new customers and markets while continuing to service the current Peerless customer base.

Laura Heckman – Marketing Assistant

Ms. Laura Heckman, a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s college with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, was hired as Marketing Assistant at Peerless Electronics Inc. Ms. Heckman has taken on both a website administration role as well as a Marketing Assistant to Peerless, offering fresh insight to the brand. 

For more information contact:  Mr. Ed Combs, Marketing Manager, Phone: 516-594-3520, email:

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