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PEI-Genesis Announces Brazilian Partnership With AGS Aerohoses

PHILADELPHIA — PEI-Genesis, Inc., one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and power supplies, has signed an agreement with AGS Aerohoses of Cruzeiro, San Paulo, Brazil to represent PEI-Genesis’s portfolio of high reliability connectors and design services throughout Brazil.

This agreement will bring PEI-Genesis’ deep expertise and resources to the Brazilian marketplace by offering its reliable, cutting-edge solutions in a timely, efficient manner. PEI-Genesis assembles and sells a vast range of aerospace connectors from Amphenol, TE/Deutsch, and ITT Cannon, among others. PEI’s automated assembly facilities are stocked with over $70 million of components from which it builds over 39,000 high reliability connectors a day, with a lead time of 48 hours, and a minimum order quantity of one piece.

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