Philips’ Home Medicine Connects to Medical Records

PORTLAND, Ore.—By monitoring home medical sensors and correlating them with your medical records and that of other people with similar maladies, Royal Philips (The Netherlands) hopes to create more effective treatment plans while patients remain in the comfort of their own home. Philips top-to-bottom (home-to-archive) medical technology solution will be announced today at Dreamforce 2015 (Sept. 15-18, San Francisco).

Philips envisions their stay-at-home medical treatment technology—using Bluetooth to connect to smartphones which connect to WiFi which connect to doctor's offices and automated medical archives—to eventually expand to cover all common maladies capable of being home-managed. To get started, however, it has constructed its HeathSuite Digital Platform to begin by treating diabetes patients.

“What we are bringing is the ability to aggregate data from health care organizations with personal health records and the real-time data being collected by healthcare devices at home,” Carla-Krystin Andrade, director of product management for the HealthSuite Digital Platform told EE Times.


Demonstration of how the Philips app works to connect patient with physicians and cloud databanks. (Source: Philips, used with permission)

Philips choose diabetes to initiate its HealthSuite Digital Platform because it afflicts nearly 400 million people worldwide (about 9 percent of he population) is a long-term chronic condition and is costly in both treatment costs and human suffering. In fact. Philips claims that on average diabetes patients have to make up to 180 decisions per day on when and how to collect data about their blood content, evaluate it, and manage it with food choices and insulin injections. Up to 10 different categories of doctors and other caregivers make diabetes management complicated and stressful–a perfect candidate to test whether the HealthSuite Digital Platform is up to the task of making life better for those living with diabetes at home.

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