Politics & the Supply Chain: A Look at the Election

In polite conversation, there's no room for religion or politics, it has been said. However, electronics OEMs know that what happens at the voting polls and ultimately in the White House can make all the difference.

For example, last March, President Obama launched the Supply Chain Innovation Initiative, a “focused on building public-private partnerships to strengthen the small U.S. manufacturers that anchor the nation's supply chains.” In 2012, the administration released its National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security.

Further, other issues (including the environment, foreign policy, and oil) can all impact the way organizations do business. A change in federal regulation can raise or lower manufacturing costs. Trade agreements can change where and with whom electronics OEMs can work. Even immigration laws have the potential to impact organization's access to the skilled workforce necessary to stay competitive.

“We are a bunch of young folks here and the whole political thing is becoming a big issue for us,” Marc Held, CEO at Weft, a global logistics data company that helps logistics providers do real time asset intelligence, told EBN in an interview. “Someone is going to be running the country for the next four years and that may have tremendous impact on the supply chain. Everything connects especially when you talk about the global supply chain.”

Held points to interest rates as one example. Climate change, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TCP), infrastructure funding, and foreign policy are other impactful topics. “Voters have to look beyond what is immediately going to impact them and think about how the whole industry can start to move forward,” said Held. “Right now, there doesn't to be a consistent story from one party to another so you have to look at it at a candidate by candidate basis.”

The company developed the infographic below to help create a visual reminder of the stated positions of each candidate on some of these issues. Take a look, and let us know which political issues are most important to you and your organization. 


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