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Procurious & SOPO Launch Innovative Online Community Platform for Government Procurement Professionals

Boston, MA, US and London, UK—February 13, 2017 —In a climate of continuous economic, social and political change, public sector procurement professionals are under increased pressure to meet goals, comply with regulations, and maintain integrity while capturing the best value for every dollar spent. 

With this in mind, Procurious, the world’s leading free online business network for the procurement and supply chain profession, has announced the world’s first private, “corporate” version of its platform for the Society of Procurement Officers (SOPO), using technology to reinvent the way in which public sector procurement professionals work and collaborate.

The Community Platform offers SOPO’s membership base of more than 2,500 local government procurement professionals in the UK a free, convenient and private place to communicate, share knowledge, develop skills and network online with fellow members.

“Procurious’ platform is a big step forward for us and a necessity in helping unite a disparate membership group with common aims,” said Paul Smith, Director, SOPO. “By bringing everyone onto the same platform and talking together, we can deliver more value than ever before.”

Replacing the previous members-only area on the SOPO website, this world-first use of social media technology by a public procurement organization provides benefits previously not available, including securely uploading documents, sharing job offers and posing discussion questions.

“We are delighted to partner with SOPO to launch our world-first corporate platform to their broad membership base,” said Tania Seary, Founding Chairman, Procurious. “With today’s rapidly changing global environment, social media is empowering public procurement professionals to work together in unprecedented ways. We are confident that our customized platform will empower SOPO members to do their jobs more effectively, and propel the collective public procurement profession forward.”

In addition to the private SOPO platform, members can also tap into everything that Procurious’ larger 20,000 member network has to offer, including professional networking, active discussion forums, blogs, online training videos and podcasts, and event listings. Members will also be able to attend Procurious’ annual Big Ideas Summit, a free global digital think tank hosted from London on February 23, 2017.

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