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Functional Resume When NOT To Make One

So, how do you know when NOT to use it?

What follows is a set of circumstances that would not be in your best interests.

  • If your career has been one in which you came in at a low point in the organization and you have shown rock solid, steady upward growth over a period of years, you need a very traditional resume. 
  • If the greatest assets you have are the names of the Fortune 50 companies you worked for, this is not a resume format that will help you the most. 
  • If you are focused on ONE company only, and the HR Vice President has made public statements about his prejudices against this resume format, DO NOT USE IT when applying to that one company. 

Similarly, if you are trying to work through recruiters or "head-hunters" as they are more affectionately known, recognize that while many are superb placement specialists who work very hard, some are simply too lazy to try to sell you to an employer if you do not fit the 5 step sales pitch they memorized 13 years ago. All that type of person wants is someone with a standard format document from which they can bark off "and before that, he..." eleven times before his coffee break. To do otherwise might just imply the necessity of conscious thought and a bit of mental gymnastics. In case you're trying to translate that, just use a common four letter word WORK. Unfortunately, this industry does include people who willingly take your money, but then spend their time on the candidates who are the easiest to place.

The other primary contraindication for a functional resume is if you are trying to work in a very conservative field.

  • Banking Chronological Format required 
  • Accounting Chronological Format required 
  • Finance Chronological Format required 
  • Law Chronological Format recommended or perhaps, Curriculum Vitae 
  • Politics Curriculum Vitae preferred for more advanced positions, Chronological for lower level 
  • Education Chronological for teaching, Curriculum Vitae for Higher Education positions 
  • Scientific Curriculum Vitae for advanced positions 
  • Medical Curriculum Vitae for advanced positions

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