PROTO FPGAs Lower the Cost of Prototyping Rad-Tolerant FPGA-Based Systems

Microsemi SoC is well known for its wide range of radiation-tolerant FPGA offerings, which include the following:

  • RTSX-SU: High-reliability, rad-tolerant, antifuse-based FPGAs. 
  • RTAX-S: High-performance, high-density, low-power consumption FPGAs that are specifically designed for space applications. 
  • RTAX-DSP: Space-flight FPGAs based on the tried-and-trusted RTAX-S family augmented with rad-tolerant multiply-accumulate DSP blocks. 
  • RT ProASIC3 FPGAs: Flash-based, rad-tolerant FPGAs targeted at low-power apace applications. 
  • RTG4: High-speed flash-based FPGAs targeted at signal processing applications.

One problem for designers is that these devices are not cheap. I know several folks working on space applications who have told me about the moment of panic that occurs just before they power-up a new prototype board for the first time. It's bad enough to blow up a regular FPGA, but it really makes your eyes water when you smoke a space-rated device.

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