Put the Power in Your Hands

Power is the biggest challenge — and opportunity — in electronics design today.

Not only has the proliferation of battery-powered devices altered the landscape, but the increasing end-user emphasis on green technology and sustainable energy practices has infused design teams with new priorities.

Avnet Electronics Marketing held its third annual Power Forum on September 19, 2012 — a 30-hour marathon of practical, in-depth, on-demand technical webinars from leading suppliers on the most pressing topics. This year's event featured more than 30 technical webinars on a variety of challenging design topics — from advanced point-of-load power architectures to EMI mitigation.

In case you missed the live feed, we archived the entire series of seminars, which is available for replay. So, if you have a design question, or if you're facing a technical obstacle, the Forum might help. Here's just a small sample of what you can learn by visiting the Power Forum archive:

Powering Noise Sensitive Circuits — Many of today's electronic designs incorporate noise sensitive devices such as ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, and PLLs. Careful consideration of the power system design is required to ensure these devices perform optimally. Jeff Weaver, senior applications engineer at Analog Devices, demystifies many of the concerns faced by designers and highlights tested solutions.

Optimizing the Output Capacitor — Most datasheets and application notes for switching power supply controllers provide “recipe-type” guidelines as design criteria for the output capacitor without a detailed explanation of the impacts on performance. This webinar presented by Alan Martin, applications engineering manager for simple switchers at Texas Instruments, discusses various capacitor types and demonstrates how to correlate capacitor datasheet curves to switcher transient response, loop stability, noise, and more.

EMI/RFI Filtering — Proper power filtering is critical to passing EMI compliancy regulations. Inadequate filtering can result in costly redesigns and impact product launches. This TE Connectivity webinar presented by Nick Lucariello, director of life cycle engineering and product management, discusses what an EMI packaged filter is, why filtering is critical in the design, and what considerations must be made in its selection.

AC Power Measurement — In this webinar, Avnet applications engineer David Regan gives an introduction to the techniques used for AC power measurement and their tradeoffs. AC power measurement is quickly growing in popularity as opportunities to improve energy management are explored.

Junction Temperature Calculations for High Voltage MOSFETs — Power MOSFETs are major contributors of the heat produced in switching power supplies, and hence proper thermal analysis is critical to designing a reliable circuit. Steve Goldman, field applications engineering manager for Infineon Technologies, demonstrates how to extract technical characteristics from MOSFET datasheets to properly calculate thermal metrics and perform thermal analysis.

To view these webinars and explore numerous others, visit Avnet’s Power Forum.

— Chris Cooper is the technology director for power at Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. Chris provides design support and specializes in power technology. He has a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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  1. _hm
    April 6, 2013

    Thanks for special effort for this power in your hands. But along with technical infromation, getting power componenets easily is also important. My general worry is non availability of parts of my choise which are required by design.


    April 8, 2013

    I have noticed a real dearth of analog power supply designers these days.  Reading your article it appears good power suppy design is a vital part of the system and so such engineers must be in real demand.

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