Putting IoM Innovation to Work at APEX

Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) is finding its way into all aspects of operations and beyond. Recently at the IPC APEX Expo, this trend was clear, with all the inherent potential and challenges, as were a number of new technology directions including materials science, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), robotics, and printed electronics. 

Dan Gamota, Jabil’s vice president of strategic capabilities, engineering and technology agreed to share some of his thought with EBN readers. “I’m very fortunate, I have a position in Jabil that allows me to see which technologies are going to be most relevant to our customers in two to three years” Gamota told EBN. “We’ve selected sixteen strategic capabilities and if you visit our Blue Sky facility in San Jose, you’ll see some of them on display.”

Gamota plays an active role on the committee that is working to develop the standards that the IoM industry sorely needs.  At the show, some real progress as made as the whole electronics value chain worked together to move the project forward.

Emerging IoM technologies are critical as innovators work with contract manufacturers take ideas from napkin to finished solution, ready for the consumer and ready to scale globally. Bringing together product innovation and process innovation are a critical to this success, Gamota said.

Jörg Richstein, senior director, engineering and technology service at Jabil also sat down to discuss his experiences at the show and specifically to explore the role of robotics in the electronics manufacturing space.

“Robotics has been an essential part of our process development for over ten years,” Richstein said. “We have driven its application into other areas of manufacturing; notably to bring more innovative materials and processes, with a level of automation, so they can be industrialized and deployed efficiently into one of our sites.”  He went on to elaborate on the use of larger form six axis robots as well as collaborative robots (or cobots as many are calling them).

Richstein’s other area of specialization is printed electronics.  In summing up, Richstein talked about the ideas that are developed during a visit to an event like APEX adding “we are constantly searching for more compliant materials and process elements that have the competitiveness and reliability required for applications like autonomous driving in the future.” 

To see more about their thoughts, view the video below where both Gamota and Richstein share their thoughts from the show:

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