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PwC & APICS Study Uncovers Keys to Improve Supply Chain Sustainability

NEW YORK — PwC US and the APICS Foundation today released, “Sustainable Supply Chains: Making Value the Priority,” a survey of global operations executives on supply chain sustainability. According to PwC and APICS, when companies broaden their perspectives on sustainability and adopt clear strategies to tap ethical, economic, social— and environmental—levers across their extended supply chains, new sources of value can emerge. Companies are realizing the significance of sustainable supply chain initiatives; however, multiple challenges continue to impede widespread adoption of sustainability across environmental, social, economic, and ethical dimensions.

The survey found the biggest barrier to the success of a company’s sustainable supply chain practices was a lack of leadership support. Approximately 30 percent of operations executives surveyed said their company has a documented supply chain sustainability strategy, but only 17 percent of managers and below agreed. As a result, mid-level management is not able to take the steps needed to drive meaningful change in the supply chain.

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