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Report: U.S. Electronic Components & Semiconductor Manufacturing a $110 Billion Industry

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Executive Summary
Brief Excerpt from Industry Overview Chapter:

The US electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing industry consists of about 4,400 companies with combined annual revenue of about $110 billion. Large companies include Intel, Texas Instruments, Micron Technology, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The industry is highly concentrated: the 50 largest companies generate about 65 percent of revenue.

The industry depends highly on demand from the computer industry and makers of telecommunications products such as cell phones, which can vary sharply from year to year. Companies can be successful producing standard parts at low cost or by producing highly specialized components. Small companies can compete effectively with large ones by producing specialized products or developing new applications. Technological expertise is extremely important. The industry is capital-intensive: average annual revenue per employee is about $300,000. PRODUCTS, OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY
Major products include semiconductors (computer chips); printed circuit boards; and various components like electron tubes and electronic connectors. Semiconductors account for 60 percent of industry revenue, printed circuit boards for 20 percent.

The manufacture of computer chips starts with long cylinders of pure silicon (or other semi-conducting materials, such as gallium arsenide) cut into thin “wafers.” In photolithography, various layers of conducting and insulating materials are deposited on a wafer and etched away after exposure to light or other beams in patterns that trace the various elements of the integrated circuits. Hundreds of chips can be produced on one wafer.

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