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Republic Wireless Powers Its New Consumer Driven e-Commerce Supply Chain on One Network

Dallas TX, January 24, 2017  —One Network, the global provider of a multi-party network platform and services, today announced that Republic Wireless, an innovative provider of a new kind of low cost and award winning mobile phone service, is live on its Real Time Value Network TM  (RTVN). Republic Wireless is enhancing the customer experience by using One Network for e-commerce fulfillment, tracking, and exception resolution from procure to pay and from order to delivery.

In an industry often criticized for poor service and high costs, smaller wireless service providers like Republic Wireless are seizing the opportunity to provide a truly customer-focused mobile service. According to Consumer Reports, Republic Wireless has some of the most satisfied customers in the industry, and was also named a recipient of PC Magazine’s Annual Reader’s Choice Award.

Building on that commitment to provide an  unprecedented smartphone experience , Republic Wireless joined the Real Time Value Network to enhance visibility and orchestrate fulfillment across their order lifecycle – from inbound supply to online sales orders to final delivery to the customer’s door.   

“Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction,” said Bo Boyd, Sr. Manager of Logistics at Republic Wireless. “One Network helps us achieve this vision by connecting us with the consumer and with our device and accessories manufacturers, third-party logistics providers and parcel carriers. Having the visibility to detect and respond to disruptions is a tremendous asset to our supply chain. With all necessary partners on the Real Time Value Network, we can make sure that happens.”  

One Network’s RTVN provides Republic Wireless with real-time visibility into consumer orders while its intelligent agent technology monitors fulfillment during execution, warning the carrier of possible problems. Leveraging One Network’s resolution workbenches, Republic Wireless’ team can collaborate instantly, evaluate different scenarios and fix the problem to ensure orders reach the customer on time. The solution also allows Republic Wireless to quickly resolve problems before they impact service to the customer and update the customer on the status of their order when necessary.

The RTVN brings together all the necessary parties, including Republic Wireless, its suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and parcel carriers in order to orchestrate inbound supply and e-commerce. “Just as Republic Wireless was founded on the mission to serve the customer, we created One Network to build a network platform to enable entire business communities to work together to serve the consumer,” said Greg Brady, CEO and founder of One Network. “Our multi-party network platform and solutions enable both non-stock, or what the industry is calling marketplace models, as well as ship from stock fulfillment for e-Commerce.  We are honored to help Republic Wireless transform to a smart digital supply chain network that can detect and resolve issues proactively to ensure that orders reach their customers on time. This can only strengthen their position as a leader in customer service and in the market.”

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